Everything and anything an Aries does supports that ages old theory that if you think and feel you’re hot and sexy then no matter what side of the fence you’re sitting on today, whoever’s sitting with you (or watching you) thinks you’re hot and sexy too.

Please go ahead and do whatever you want, as long as your wonderful Aries partner told you that you could. Aries will be obeyed, they will get their own way, and they are not shy about pushing their own agenda. Who's more important here anyway? They love to talk or listen to you talk about them: the fact that this section is all about them is reason enough for everyone to read it. Now this can be interpreted as supreme self-confidence or incredible vanity. They see what they want to see; in your reaction to them, their place in the world, in the mirror. Slap a pair of heels on your Ram, dangly earrings, a shocking pink baby-doll set (see through, size 2XL), and lipstick in Kiss Me Kink, and this he-man will think he's the sexiest creature around—a veritable Venus—because Rams believe in the power of the Ram. Your little Ramette is also very sure of her own sexual power and if she ever feels like strapping on a little something understand that she’s going to lube up that latex as if it was the dick of the century…oh, and she’s going to use it. Advice is always the same here; just relax into it. When they decide to do something they do it all the way. Everything and anything an Aries does supports that ages old theory that if you think and feel you’re hot and sexy then no matter what side of the fence you’re sitting on today, whoever’s sitting with you (or watching you) thinks you’re hot and sexy too.

Rams love to come first—literally. Now this isn't saying that if you don't get your licks in first you're out of luck. But it does mean that you need to be aware of who's getting ready to come, or who came first last time, and the time before that. They are not selfish lovers but they are self-centered and while you may be, on occasion, satisfied to let your Aries lover reach their peak in a stage set just for them, don't expect to be the star yourself too many times. They are closet romantics to be sure, but the starring attraction will always always be them, them, and them. Here's something you can try and expect great success with: stack some pillows, or pull up your favorite chair, grab a glass of whatever you’re sipping on and settle in for a show. Your instruction to them should be no more detailed than “Fuck yourself. I’m going to watch.” Direct the action if you must but be assured that they will put as much effort and imagination into loving themselves as they do into loving you (if not more). My promise to you is that it’s going to be a show you won’t soon forget…and with the right encouragement a show that will be repeated and only get better and better.

Aries natives love a challenge, so give them one. Tell them you don't feel like it right now, but a word of caution; the reason better be that there's something wrong with you, not them. As self-confident and arrogant as they seem (actually as arrogant as they are) any imagined slight by you is going to take you quite a while to talk yourself back out of. They are very good at the art of deception sometimes keeping more than one major relationship on the go. Oddly enough they are insanely jealous when they suspect someone outside their orchestrated intersecting circles of infidelity shows an interest in one of their partners. Or worse, one of their multiple partners starts looking at someone else. Word: The Aries male can cry with the best of them so don’t be fooled by a water works display.

If you really need them to do something try asking while giving them a nice head rub; the one above their shoulders or below the belt (sometimes referred to as a hand job with a purpose). If you’re enjoying that warm tongue between your legs and want to keep that building towards something good feeling lasting longer, then reach down and run your fingers through their hair, over their scalp, along the edges of their perfect ears. Careful though, try not to dig in too much when you come; it’s still got to be a good hurt for all concerned.
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The Aries Woman

The Aries woman is independent bordering on domineering. This can be intimidating to the non-initiated but exciting to the partner who attempts to corral this creature. Her motto may very well be "take it or get out." Personally, I'd like to suggest taking it as often and in as many variables as she offers. She'd like total fidelity and again I suggest you agree to this because you'll be taking it as often as possible, and in more variables than you can fathom. You likely won't have the energy to stray anyway. Her jealous nature is not fueled by personal insecurity, we've already established that there is none better; it is her Aries’ need to be the most important thing in your life that lights that fire.

The Aries Man

The Aries male is "the man." He won't wait around while you decide if you're jumping in. He can't imagine why you have to think about it anyway. Always "on," always ready, always adventurous. He loves to act out fantasies. He loves to be the star of those fantasies. The Ram is happy to listen to you talk while he's riding you, as long as it's about him. Spin him a fantastical yarn about how he's being watched by a room full of masked people who can't wait for their turn to fuck him...the spotlight illuminates the steady pump of his sculpted ass...hands stroke his legs...the odd lubed finger slips in to ready his perfect.... Well, don't make it too good until you’ve come yourself, or you’ll be finishing those strokes yourself.
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Aries and Their Lovers

Who on earth’s is going to be in charge here? Can the simultaneous orgasm occur often enough to satisfy the me-ness of this pairing? If these two can put their heads together and come up with some sort of scenario/act/show that allows a give and take of leadership it could work. Five strokes for you, five strokes for me—it's as simple as taking turns, but the possibility of the bed becoming a battlefield is quite high. Certainly the make-up sex will be hot…but every time? I’m exhausted just thinking about it.
These are both very sensual, sexual beings. Taurus is going to benefit from the Aries shot of imagination and Aries will appreciate the comforts of home that Taurus provides. Imagine a tool bench where every clip and clamp is where it belongs, every whip hangs tails down, the oils and lubes and wipes are within easy reach—you don't have to look for anything. Taurus is ready when Aries is and is willing to take direction. Problems could however arise with ownership issues. In their own heads, Aries owns Taurus but Taurus owns the physical environment where the doing takes place and they like it neat and tidy and just so. If you don’t believe me, just try leaving that accent pillow on the floor after you’ve used it to prop their ass up…go ahead…leave it. I dare you.
Gemini is as eager for new experiences as Aries is and smart enough to keep Aries interested. Gemini's elusiveness piques Aries’ interest and Aries will think nothing of hunting Gemini down no matter which bed they're hiding under. This control issue can upset the Gemini freedom-fetish but if Gemini can get over it then these two can talk themselves into anything. Umm…Gemini can’t really get over it, they’re just playing the game to get what they want, and then they’re going to leave. Basically that’s what’s going to happen. It might be a burning flame for an instant or two but it’ll go out just as fast.
An early sexual fascination with each other soon wears off when their true personalities appear. Cancer is too insecure to deal with the Aries ego and aggressiveness—hoping and dreaming that something no—anything—has got to do with them is futile. Cancer soon comes to realize that it's all to do with Aries. It will be the Aries partner who decides to continue here, and if so, do the work to keep it going. This can be the ideal Domination and Submission pairing but it will take some work on Aries’ part to appease and manipulate Cancer without bruising their ego along with their often offered backside. Cancer must be willing to play the role of aggressor when Aries wants to be controlled and abused. Note: this only occurs when Aries decides it will. Cancer might understand that Aries wants the nipple weights but can they apply them with the callous disregard for discomfort (feigned or otherwise) that Aries needs them to display. This is where the problem lives as Cancer’s first inclination is to apologize for causing Aries pain.
A gigantic clash of egos but neither can fathom the other’s self-absorbance which simply results in them being hopelessly drawn to each other. As an innocent observer the key to personal survival is to understand whether the interaction you’re witnessing is foreplay or not. If it is, do not get between them; if it isn’t, do not get between them. Be assured that as many fights, arguments, and disagreements there are that are played out in public, does not come anywhere near to the activities that occur behind closed doors. It will be a wild, wild ride interrupted only by the need for sleep and sustenance. Also, there is a tendency by both parties to get busy outdoors (back alley to back woods). If you see them, chances are the one getting it is the Leo (watch me take this) and the one giving it to them is Aries (look at me giving it to them). So predictable really. Yawn. Yes, please go get a room.
Virgo is initially attracted to the boldness that is Aries, but they are fundamentally different. If Aries were to initiate a phone conversation that culminated in some self-satisfying moaning and groaning, other signs might think what a fabulous filthy freak; Virgo may just think filthy or freak. They will be at odds most times and have to make constant adjustments for each other. Way too much work for self-involved Aries, but here’s the little Virgo quirk that just might make that struggle worth the effort; Virgos as a whole quite enjoy cleaning up other people’s mucky messes. They like to fix things, soothe situations, and fuck…I mean, tuck everyone into their nice clean bed for a revitalizing rest.
Both like the finer things in life—why do the wild thing on the floor when there's this big satin-sheeted comfy bed? Why slip and slide on the tiles in a steamy shower when you can languish together in a yummy bubble bath; each will make the effort to please the other even if it takes all night, in fact why not take all night and do it right all three times—no make that four. Does that sticky morning wakeup call count for today or is it included in last night's count? Aries natives require constant adoration so while working the room, Libra will have to remember to come back to them and privately work a finger in somewhere wet, squeeze a cock, or discretely pinch a nipple or both, thus letting ever watchful Aries Babies (and I mean that quite literally) know they haven't been forgotten.
These two are sexually, passionately, energetically, and physically a well-matched pair. Scorpio has the imagination to fuel Aries' fantasies and the wherewithal to figure out very early that this gives them all the control. Aries won't mind giving up the reins (or wearing them) in bed as long as they remain the number one focus. It's still a delicate balance though as Aries fights to retain control of everything else under the Sun. That Scorpio will use the tactic of withholding bedroom favors when they’re pissed only serves to drive Aries nearly mad with desire. That they know Scorpio can’t keep that up for long because it’s like denying their own personal needs only adds more fuel to the fire within because they both know that when it does come it’s going to come white–hot and hard. These two also love to take naps which usually results in more sex. Could be before, could be after but it is going to happen.
Sagittarius is as spontaneous and social as Aries. They are honest and sometimes brutally frank with each other. Much to Aries surprise and chagrin, Sagittarius is not intimidated in the least by Aries' aggressiveness or competitiveness. It would be educational but exhausting even watching these two out-last, out-fuck, out-come each other. Whose tongue is going to give out first? Their combined reckless natures can lead to impromptu sex sessions and or acts—they do not always think through their actions before getting jiggy with each other. It could be the wrong place, the wrong time, or the wrong implement—and yes it’s true, some things do go in way way easier than they come back out.
Aries needs way more demonstrations of affection than Capricorn is capable of giving. Capricorn is not even close to the level of touchy feely that Aries requires. Part of the whole hand holding, arm draping, ass squeezing thing for Aries is territorial and Capricorn is really not down for mapping out of ownership; to them it is akin to peeing on them in public. They’ll tell you when to touch them and when not to. Capricorn buys a plug because it's the next size up and they think you're ready; not because the somewhat off pink color reminds them of the heated rosy tinge your perfect backside gets after the right amount of paddling. Aries appreciates the new plug and that you’ve made the effort to go get one, but would like to be told that their ass is perfect, and yes it would look nice stretched just a bit more, but, essentially, it is indeed quite superb. Aries is posing and Capricorn is digging through the night stand for the lube—not a match made in heaven.
Both Aries and Aquarius are eager for sexual adventure. The Aquarian tendency towards unpredictability leaves Aries feeling a bit insecure, but this can excite Aries as the chase is then ongoing—it's a circle—like having sex on a merry-go-round until you get dizzy and fall off and the carnies are standing there looking at you, ass all sandy and knees scraped, old candy-floss stuck to the end of's all fun and games till somebody gets hurt. On this battlefield Aries is always bringing an emotional knife to the Aquarian gun fight. Even being fairly well matched in the sexual stamina arena will not make up for the fact that Aries will be out-witted and out-played by Aquarius. The Ram might pretend and call it losing interest but more likely than not just throwing in the towel and calling it a day.
Pisces is smart enough to feed the vacuum that is the Aries ego. Their dark mysterious sexuality draws Aries in and the light that shines here for our Rams is the fantasy land that is Pisces. If Aries is lucky enough to get there, they will be allowed to lead as much as they want or be allowed to think they are leading. They just have to remember that Pisces needs to feel loved emotionally and intellectually as well as physically. Aries will have to expand on the after-coitus snuggling and cooing to keep things going their way. They will also have to keep their oft-times sarcastic tongue under control as Pisces is easily wounded. Remember what your Mom said, “If you don’t have anything good to say then go suck on something hot, or wet, or hard,” …or something like that.