The bed, the cuffs, the oils, blindfolds, baths, lubes, ropes, hooks, paddles, feathers, ticklers, plugs, clips, collars; you want it, you get it. The stage is always set, the mood music perfect, comfort times ten. Crabs take their homes with them; Cancers make a home wherever they go.

We've been waiting for you, Cancer—just to have a look at how hard that crusty exterior really is—and try to get a peek of the cuddly, sensitive, soft interior we suspect is hiding beneath. We're not going to poke at you too much though as we don't want you to retreat and pull everything back inside and out of sight. Cancers get a bad rap at times but really, does everyone need to wear a sandwich board of emotions everywhere they go; Cancer doesn't think so. Stuck like glue, moody, jealous, and crabby when their partner isn't on their wavelength, they couldn't be more wonderful when everything clicks their way. Make no mistake though, you are dealing with someone who has a hard cast outer shell and they will endeavour to keep their deepest feelings hidden behind it. But endeavour is not the same as succeed because try as they might, the ability to truly conceal their needs usually escapes them—they're really, really, really sensitive. Sensitive to you, to themselves, to everything and everyone and it's pretty hard to keep all that emotional angst tucked away neatly. They want it to be good for you, and will keep on, keeping on until it is. You can tell them to stop but that might hurt their feelings and they can tell when you're faking it anyway so better to just lay back and let it happen—easier on everyone all round. They can make a basement apartment seem like an oasis and turn a leaky-roofed cabin into a woodland retreat. The bed, the cuffs, the oils, blindfolds, baths, lubes, ropes, hooks, paddles, feathers, ticklers, plugs, clips, collars; you want it, you get it. The stage is always set, the mood music perfect, comfort times ten. Crabs take their homes with them; Cancers make a home wherever they go.

Cancer natives are as possessive with people and partners as they are with all the other things they just can’t bear to throw away. It's not that they think they'll find a use for you sometime in the future, but closing the door doesn't allow them to keep that little piece of you they think is theirs. That little image of you kneeling in abjection, eyes glancing upward as your wet mouth opened and their cock slid smoothly home (Substitute male/female parts as required.) will always be kept in their memory banks; the recall of which you will undoubtedly see in their eyes when you bump into them years later. They won’t verbally remind you, they'll just have that look in their eyes that lets you know that they’re thinking something kind of dirty underneath the “nice to see you” that escapes their lovely mouth.

Praise and appreciation go a long way with this sign, but please be sincere. They will definitely know if you don't mean it, if you're faking it, if you have some sort of hidden agenda, or if you don't really care. You cannot just "have" a Cancer native because you think the sex will be hot—it will be—but you will go from what you thought was a good fuck to being simply fucked. I don't have to tell you that those are not the same thing—do I?

One of the Cancer hotspots is breasts—yours, theirs, who cares. Big ones, little ones, tits that spill over necklines, burst out of tight little T-shirts, hard nipples that poke out of his or her sweater, pierced and ringed ones, pink, and brown, and ones like over-ripe raspberries just waiting to be bitten and sucked to soreness—all of them on everybody. Their other point of interest is the stomach; always a good spot to lick your way down from on your way to wherever you're going.

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The Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman hides many things under her shell. On first encounter it might seem a dark place but it’s far from cold and damp; much closer to hot and wet as you’ll find out if luck and perseverance are with you. Even as you pick away at the exterior you’ll come to realize early on that the likelihood of an easy entry is doubtful. Go at this challenge as if you’re shucking another shell fish—perhaps a clam. Pry it open, slip through the soft flesh and run your tongue from one end to the other; let the juice run down your chin. It’s sort of the same but with the delightful addition of spreading your Little Clam’s legs as well; my my, my there are sweet mysteries hidden in the depths of the seas.

The Cancer Man

Mr. Cancer is a romantic at heart and quite imaginative, which is always a good combination. He'll wine and dine you but not right away; his dislike of rejection makes him take the roundabout route—yes, just like those little critters on the beach—they're looking right at you but they're heading every which way but your way. Once they've got you in their claws they expect total fidelity and loyalty—no looking, no touching—don't even bring that fantasy partner to bed in your head. You don't really need to because once he figures out what gets you going (and he's quite good at figuring out that kind of stuff) he's going to do whatever it is you want—whatever, whenever and however.
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Cancer and Their Lovers

The Crab is much too sensitive for Aries' bluntness. Aries natives need constant ego-boosting, which the Crab can supply but only if they're getting something in return. Aries wants the "I've never had it so good” while they’re working it, not during the after-cuddle, (Cancer needs the cuddle) which has been cut short because something is happening elsewhere and they’ve got to run somewhere or they’ve already gone to sleep. Hey! Don’t slip in the wet spot on your way out.
The possessiveness that is Taurus translates to love for Cancer. Remember it's all about what works, not what you think should work, and the mutual hold on tight that’s going on here plays to both party’s insecurities and needs. If Taurus can keep their habit of slinging low blow barbs under control then things will be even better. If Taurus can keep their desire to control the world and everyone in it under control things will be even better than that. Cancer won’t let you go or let go of old relationship junk they bring to bed with them but it’s tough to know if you’re supposed to think the same thing of their ass as the last partner did and even though Taurus is stubbornly determined to not give up, Cancer can push them to their limit. That’s a scene you’d want to avoid.
Good fuck becomes simply fucked—see above. Cancer needs everything that Gemini cannot give. Cancer needs security and commitment, and it's not even that a Gemini can't or won't commit it’s more so that they just don’t freaking feel like it right now and no they don’t know if they’ll feel like it tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. Cancer needs a sign, anything, just one tiny small indication of some sort…of something. Gemini might leave some shoes in the closet just to shut them up but it’ll be a pair they don’t mind losing. This just cannot survive and will be far less painful for all concerned if they just do it and go their separate ways ASAP; and no, there’s not even a chance thing’s will get better.
Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. Each understands the others weaknesses but both need the support of the other which they are incapable of providing for any extended period of time because they’re so darned pooped propping up the other guy...and dragging that hard ass shell around. This is exhausting at the best of times and exploitive at the worst. Sometimes less of an explanation is more.
Cancer gives and Leo takes, but here the circle is complete. Leo glows in the attention that Cancer bestows and understands that a little appreciation goes a long way in garnering more attention. Leo will gladly take centre stage at a fetish party to be abused or exalted, look longingly into their Cancer's eyes throughout then thank Cancer for allowing this, and it makes Cancer happy to be recognized as the generous, sharing soul that they are. Perfect little partnership.
These two are also a great match. Cancer can be dependant and insecure and Virgo thrives on the need to protect and support. Both are homebodies and will have love central set up exactly the way they want it, then go inside and close the door on the rest of the world. Neither has a desire to bring anyone else into the relationship. There won't be enough space between the two of them to squeeze anything in anyway—totally centered, occupied, filled up, sated, committed to the pleasure and satisfaction of each other.
And the buck stops here. Libra cannot handle the moods that man-handle Cancer and will simply detach from the whole thing and soundly drive our Crab into their insecure and jealous shell. This behavior then drives Libra back out the door to the party they were going to anyway....and no one’s getting it when someone is gone. Libra will not voluntarily return to the vibration of “need” that Cancer can’t help but give off. They’ll come back for the “want” for the “lust” for the “frenzied desire” ...but the “need”...not so much.
These two ignite each other. Cancer's loyal streak dampens the famous Scorpio jealousy; their possessiveness makes Scorpio feel secure. An innate ability to sense what the other wants leads to some very intense sessions. If you listened, besides the “sounds” of hot making out, you’d hear not much verbalized beyond: there, now, harder, again. For these two the deep well of "Again" will never dry up. How many times in a row can you make me come like that? How many times can I make you come like that? Who knew you’d come like that? Want to come like that again?
We know that Sagittarius likes a lot of space and Cancer likes the cozy closeness of a comfy home base. Sagittarius will enjoy being in full-hunt mode as Cancer tries to get away. But it is more than the covers that will end up in a pull one way/pull the other way fight because pursuit and conquer only works once, after that it’s an act, a staged fantasy that you have to be very good at to fake it into working again. Do you want to be known at your local as the couple who pretend not to know each other then end up making out in a bathroom stall or in the alley? Everything, no matter how hot it is to begin with wears thin eventually and no one here has the energy to keep up the hunt and chase to the extent needed for this to survive long term.
Hot right out of the starting gates but the trouble with a race is that it doesn't last long. If Cancer can get beneath the Capricorn cool exterior without self-destructing then, and only then, will it become a marathon; lots of work and lots of digging for both of these cool on the outside hot on the inside signs.
Tie me up—no actually—untie me. In fact, give me back my rope, I have to go now. Aquarius epitomizes freedom and self-possession, Cancer, even if they want to, just can't let it happen. The build up will be hot, the event will be hotter but sometimes you do have to just let it go. Aquarians leave the door open for a return hit, Cancer bars, locks and throws themselves in front of the door in the hopes you’ll see sense and stay. Even if they’re the best so far Aquarius still thinks there might be something even better just on the other side and you’d better rise and pack up your shell before they step over you…and they will if they have to. It’s all good but the staying.
For once, Cancer gets to take. Wherever Cancer leads, Pisces will follow. Nothing wild, no multiple partners, but all the one-on-one variations you can think of. Pisces loves to play and Cancer will open up to most anything if they get to stay in control. Wield the crop and soothe the resulting red welts—in Cancer's world, nothing could be finer.