There is nothing more entertaining than observing your Gemini mate work a room, grocery store, mall, gas station, wherever really. Outrageous behavior by all accounts but second nature to the Twins; they may even deny it, but no one can make it and take it like a true Gemini. Best part of watching it all play out is knowing that the next thing they’ll be taking… is you.

Gemini, dear, sweet Gemini—half the time anyway; it's not so much a joining of obvious good and bad as it is an exasperating, but lovable package of everything that could be called a character trait. To anyone basking in the ray of sunshine and sociability that is Gemini, you'll do fine as long as you don't spend too much time trying to figure out what makes them tick. If you think you have and they think you think you have they’re just going to change everything up to spite you. The only way to survive is to realize that they just are what they are— whatever that is. Unfortunately for the rest of us, they are completely and infectiously endearing rendering us defenceless at the best of times and a seething pit of emotion at worst. Gemini natives are master debaters. (Not masturbators—master debaters—but given their ability to handle things chances are that they’re quite good at self-love as well…not that they’d have to resort to that). If you're determined not to sleep with one and say so, chances are you'll find yourself underneath and rhyming off number three in the list of reasons why you need to be exactly where you are (underneath remember?), and or, experiencing orgasm number two (whichever comes first) before you realize you're somehow now arguing the other side. Did I mention persuasive and charming? Amazing really, what fits where, when you take the time to talk it in. The key to maintaining sanity while involved with a Gemini is the realization that what they do is not a reflection on how they feel about you. You already know that there is nothing more entertaining than observing your Gemini mate work a room, grocery store, mall, gas station, wherever really. Outrageous behaviour by all accounts but second nature to the Twins; they may even deny it, but no one can make it and take it like a true Gemini. Best part of watching it all play out is knowing that the next thing they’ll be taking is you.

On occasion in an effort to remain in control of everything, they force their emotions through their intellectual sieve of a mind and come across as cold or aloof, but they're not really—it's just the Control twin inside fighting with the Wild and Crazy twin—always interesting to see who's going to win.

A Gemini will be intrigued if you can match them intellectually, but don't trade too many verbal barbs with one as they're much more sensitive than they pretend to be. Do not lie to them. You don't have to tell them everything; in fact don't be surprised if they insist that you don't tell them something, but be prepared to be truthful if they ask a question. Never be openly suspicious—they expect to be trusted, and in return will trust you.

Gemini hot spots are the arms and hands. You could try pulling their arms behind their backs and tying their hands together, but being opened up by one or two or three long strong Gemini fingers will have you wet and begging for more every time. Oh, and your Gemini Mistress can and will give you the hand job from heaven. A room isn’t the only thing a Gemini can work and lucky you if you’re in the position to let one work on you.
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The Gemini woman is an elusive creature made all the more maddening by her total ability to enchant. Do you want this woman? Be prepared to coddle and cater to her every whim; that's the easy part—the hard part is figuring out the right time to do it. Just because you've bathed and oiled and powdered her little arse every Sunday night for the last month, then made mad passionate love to her doesn't mean that this Sunday you should do the same. Mix it up baby —fuck her filthy this time then just run the shower. She needs satisfying on all levels; emotionally, sexually and mentally. I’m not suggesting a spot quiz as a halfway time-out during mutual oral stimulation but you'd better get with the program.

The Gemini Man

Gemini men are entertainment that never ends, even when they are exhibiting their unresponsive (fakers) and distant selves. Remember it's not about you, it's about them, it's what they do, and you need to get over that part of their personality. If you can't get over it then just leave because any overly emotional "Why don't you talk to me?" scenes are just going to make him open the door for you—don't expect a verbal good bye. Sex itself fits into the Gemini desire for variety because the potential for something a bit different each time is there even if one certain stroke or movement is a guaranteed come-trigger, the getting there will be filled with many twists and turns. Note: Don’t expect a lot of hints as to where those hotspots might be. They love to be loved and won’t hurry you along the way to satisfaction by actually telling you what feels extra good.
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Gemini and Their Lovers

These two can keep up with each other. They both like variety and adventure in and out of the bedroom. But is that enough? Aries is way too domineering and possessive for Gemini in the long run. So the answer is no, it's not enough. Aries likes different ways and different partners for themselves and each one of those must only want them. Gemini doesn’t share their partners (this means doesn’t share you, not that Gemini won’t on occasion creep a little with someone else); it’s hard enough living with your polar opposite inside your head let alone an Aries trying to bring multiple partners to the relationship. So, once again, the answer is no.
The lube belongs in this drawer; the paddle hangs handle down. Taurus needs order to feel secure; things go where they go and that's the way it's going to be. As persnickety and every-thing-in-its-place as Gemini is, they can't do this on a Taurus level—not because they don’t think it should be so, but because they’d much rather say “make it so.” Problem here is that Taurus is an order-maker not an order-taker. Gemini will tell Taurus one too many times that they need to do something and Taurus will eventually tell Gemini to go “do” themselves.
This should work right? Well it might for a time until they wear each other out with the speed at which they think life should be lived. Sometimes you have to miss an experience or two just because there's no time. If I am unaffected by the fact that you have your face under someone else's skirt, and you don't care that I'm bent over the couch taking it hard and long from someone else (this is okay because there's truth and honesty in our relationship), then exactly why is it that we are together again? You see, we’re already starting out with four in this equation and the possible combos of personalities are varied. Good Twin/Bad Twin; Bad Twin/Bad Twin; Good Twin/Good Twin (nauseating after a while on this one). Best advice is to steer clear if you see anything like this coming your way, in fact don’t even look directly at them.
Oh dear, just get the bandages out ahead of time. After that initial physical attraction wears off here, we are unfortunately done. Cancer sees full-on flirtation in everything that Gemini does or says to anyone. Gemini cannot change and neither do they want to. Not the cuddliest of signs, Gemini also cannot fulfill the Crab's constant need for emotional demonstrations. Gemini does put their heart and soul into each encounter but enough with the foreplay already; can’t we just fuck for like—I don’t know like…an extended period of time, or something? Um, actually no, Cancer wants the love-making stage set at the very least...always.
This should be fun. Leo may need a little more open adoration than Gemini would naturally fork out, but this is a small problem in the big picture. We've already established that Gemini is intelligent and in this relationship they will learn to apply the art of timely attention. Yes, they're going out tonight. They're dressed and ready to go, but not before they stroke their little Lion's fur the right way. Hands are for spreading and tongues are for licking and plying and probing; by the time Gemini is done, Leo will feel that it is their own big-heartedness that binds these two. Gemini will wipe off their knees, grab the keys and go. Mission accomplished…for Gemini.
Has this Virgo been sent to Gemini as some sort of Karmic test? Gemini certainly thinks so. That hate you but I've got to have you feeling will wear off pretty quick. Virgo will nag (at least Gemini will see it that way; Virgo is just showing their love). The Good Twin will resort to bad behaviour and the Bad Twin will be horrible—an absolute train wreck just waiting to happen and it will, in a spectacularly horrendous heart wrenching way. Don’t believe me? Just watch. Let me know what you see.
These two are actually fairly well suited. They're both intellectuals, and neither is combative or demanding. Libra will go along with Gemini's desire to experiment. They will be more jealous of each other than concerned with what each one does with another. Confused? Let's say we're at a dungeon party, lots of things going on, and little shows here and there. Gemini is prominently displayed; elegantly tied and splayed; velvet gag and blindfold only enhancing their lovely face; onlookers stare entranced as each red welt appears. Libra is not concerned at all that others are looking at something (Gemini) they (Libra) have claimed ownership of. They (both of them) love it that their generosity in sharing (the show) is appreciated. They want you to wonder what they get up to in bed.
Establishing the bond may take years, but maturity brings a strong understanding that youth may not have been able to sustain. (Originally they would be too busy fucking to get much else done.) Scorpio never feels truly challenged by the Gemini need for self-control and or control of them. Gemini is one of few that can manipulate Scorpio sexually because they add a little mental mastery to the mix. (The dick doesn’t have to be in the pussy to control the pussy.). Deadly patient Scorpio will keep tonguing that spot that makes the Control Twin fight to keep it together. Gemini should let it happen; it's the only way to learn that this type of loss of control can feel very, very good every single time and not much more makes a true Scorpio happier than “making” someone come. When a Scorpio licks their lips every Gemini should just turn over (up, down, sideways) and spread (everything). These two stay out of everyone else’s business ‘cause they’re too busy screwing and trying to control each other...oddly, it works.
Yes, opposites do attract, but for how long? Who cares really as long as it's fucking great while it lasts—or is that as long as the fucking is great? Irrelevant really as in the long run there may not be enough affection outside the sack to keep it going. Sag gives Gemini the freedom they need, but they also both need a degree of snuggly stuff even if they pretend they don't. See the problem? If we both pretend we don't want to be held and told we’re the best at everything including screwing you, but we do, a little bit anyway, but we don't do it...hmm...
Capricorn likes a structured lifestyle. Gemini questions, and often argues, the need for regimen and order. The rope shall go here; one loop above and one below your breasts; around your wrists pulled behind you; the arch in your back forcing your chest out, your nipples now hard and aching to be touched. The two ends twisted together will be knotted at just the right length and snaked between the cheeks of your ass; the knot will lie against and press into you when pulled. Beyond the knot the strands are separate and hold you open as they are pulled up and tied. As I enter you, you arch your body, which pulls the rope which forces the knot into your ass. Structure is a beautiful thing, but Gemini might still be looking for some socks to tie you to the bedposts 'cause we did that rope thing last time.
Talk, talk, talk. I suppose that old standby 69 could stem the flow of verbosity that these two are capable of—how can you talk when your mouth is full of bits of each other? What happens is that when one becomes distracted and starts talking the other cannot help but answer. Aquarius, despite their free-love attitude can still be hurt by Gemini's flirtations. Sometimes Gemini just needs to stop it. Especially when they find someone who will give them the space and trust they need to be happy but I don't think they can stop it—ever. "I can't help it," is such obvious bullshit at the best of times. These two together will not ever be the best of times. Okay, maybe once or twice but not much more than that.
Pisces is very emotional and very easily hurt by Gemini's sometimes callous honesty. Unfortunately, the Gemini among us seem to think it’s their given right to just let you have it when they’re in a bitchy cranky ass mood…which can be quite often actually. Even when Gemini is really just playing around Pisces will take it to heart. Pisces needs constant demonstrations of love and their futile attempts to blackmail Gemini emotionally will not work. "No sex tonight dear." The Good Twin may look back wistfully through the rear view mirror at the piece they’re leaving behind…”if only they’d just opened their legs and let me in,” thoughts running through their heads, but the Bad Twin will still be heading south, revving the engine and running red lights to get away.