Leo natives take their own sexual prowess and performance very seriously, and everything leading up to the act itself, including eating, is all part of the game

Are you familiar with the phrase "It's a jungle out there?" If you’re involved with lovely Leo you’re in the thick of it…and probably lost. In Leo's domain there will always be something taking place. If it's not happening right now or in the foreseeable future—like tonight—then Leo will make it so and orchestrate the spotlight to shine directly on them. If there is no drama right now then they'll make something up. If there is a scene erupting, it's a good guess that there’s a Leo in the mix. She may be, after a seemingly innocent but no doubt calculated misstep, legs-up on the dance floor, skirt over her head—underpants missing once again—not at all concerned that she's down there as long as everyone saw her...all of her. It's not all emotional drama though; they just don't want to stay home all by themselves because something must be going on somewhere. Leos rule their domain with generosity and loyalty, and expect the same in return. More would be nice, at least the same is expected, but it should not ever, ever be less. If you think your luscious Leo doesn't know the price of everything and can't do the mental math, right there on the spot, to determine who spent more, you're wrong. If you think they won't do the math, you are even more deluded than you know!

Leos treat the eating and the preparation of food as if they actually killed what's on the menu themselves. Did you know that the Lioness is the better hunter? When the dinner invites come, try not to be late very often, though the occasional spoiled dinner will fuel dramatic fires, and most likely lead to fabulous make-up sex, and then you can eat the cold stuff in bed; the sheets are dirty now anyway. Oh, and the dinner? It won't be iceberg lettuce and Spam. Expect fresh greens with goat cheese and a raspberry vinaigrette, medallions of something, tiny perfect potatoes with freshly-sheared chives, and buttered baby carrots. This will be presented on the finest china they own, with linen napkins to wipe that drool off your chin when you see what they've got on, or as it is in most cases, what they haven't got on (again). Dessert will be some concoction that may well taste better when licked off of somewhere dark and musky, but don't suggest that before commenting on the fabulous presentation. And do not show up with a six pack of anything, or even worse, arrive empty-handed. Leo natives take their own sexual prowess and performance very seriously, and everything leading up to the act itself, including eating, is all part of the game.

Leos, both men and women, like the idea of love and need to be adored and flattered. This is two-sided, though, and being on the receiving end of a Leo's attention is a warm and fuzzy place. They are generous and enthusiastic to a fault. You might need a step-stool to get up on the pedestal they will put you on, but it would be good to keep it near so you can use it on your way back down if you don’t do as they wish. They don't like to be bored (and be warned they bore easily—often, normal life bores them) and a relationship that putters along like the proverbial Sunday afternoon drive with no ups and downs will absolutely turn them off. Expect potholes and confusing detours. Oh, you think you have a map? Shred it before you even start and your GPS is a joke. If you embark on this trip realize you’ll be flying blind the entire freaking way.

Attracting Leo is as easy as paying attention, and keeping them is as easy as paying attention. Expect drama, expect to be accused of all the things you didn't do, and some you did. Expect to be forgiven after suitable grovelling, licking, and sucking (always try to start with the grovelling bit). The wounded heart is an integral role in the drama that is Leo.

One of Leo's soft spots is their back. Have you found a cat that doesn't like to be stroked from head to tail—right down the middle of their back? It's no different here—long fluid strokes, fingernails, thumbs, Swedish, Shiatsu; the possibilities are endless, but all appreciated. Why stop there, though? You might as well powder their Leonine backsides while you're at it.

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The Leo Woman

I’m trying to give you the heads up here that Leos crave attention, so let me make that point even clearer; the Lioness craves it more. She demands it, wants it, will do whatever it takes to get it. Do not think that you can eyeball some little number as they strut on by and get that maneuver past Miss Leo. She will see you do it, and she won't like it. She does not have a problem with being looked at that way herself, however, so expect to stand on the sidelines fairly often. She does not hold anything back, and expects the same in return. You can have all the animal sex you want—wherever and whenever you want it. Tell her to go to the washroom and take off her thong, tell her to come back and stuff it in your jeans’ pocket—then tell her the whole bar knows. Tell her you're going to fuck her in the alley and the whole street knows—that they’re peeping out their windows at the show. That she’s a dirty girl just getting what she deserves. If they don’t start out watching they’ll certainly end up watching what with the noise our wild thing’ll be making. You’ve got this one figured out at last—you’re a genius.

The Leo Man

The Leo man falls out of love as quickly as he falls in and he falls in fast; each time as dramatic and passion-filled as the time before. He's a bit like the King of the savannah as he moves from lover to lover. One minute he's all over you, then he's gone—was he supposed to explain why he's gone? He certainly doesn't think so. He does like to be catered to, but would be the last to describe himself as demanding. Why would anyone refuse him? In pleasing him, do they not please themselves? You will need to praise him on a daily basis, and unlike some signs this man doesn't care if you mean it or not, and won't spend a whit of time trying to figure out if you do mean it, he just really wants to hear it. If you tell him he has a beautiful cock, he will agree; that his ass is so perfect it seems carved by Roman sculptors, he will admire it with you. Please get the King a hand mirror. Tell him that he has the hands of an artisan, and he will use your wetness as paint; his tongue should be outlawed, he will suggest you sit on it—again. He will expect to get what he wants, and having been loved by him the possibility that you’ll refuse his requests are slim to none. Who’d give that up?
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Leo and Their Lovers

These two are well-matched in and out of the bedroom. Sex for sex's sake is not an issue, neither is in or out of the house, car, yard, roadside, public restroom; whatever, whenever, is not going to be a problem. It's not so much who's going to be in charge that breaks the whole thing down as it is the eventual conflict over who's going to be the star, because they both want to be the focus. Who gets to be the naughty nurse this time can become an issue, and don't make the mistake of thinking that if it’s a Mr. Aries that he doesn't want to wear the uniform as well. Let's take turns, kids. Take pictures; make a home movie and post it somewhere—soon the world will be watching and what could be finer that that?
This time it is about who's going to be in charge—and yes if you're all strapped-on and ready to go, you are without a doubt the one in charge. But someone is going to have to give in at some point. Leo makes the grand entrance and Taurus neither notices nor cares. Leo needs to be noticed, but finds that even when they make the grand exit (as a result of the non-noticed entrance), Taurus doesn't care about that either. They were growing tired of your Lion fur shedding ass anyway.
These two do operate on a certain common level of understanding; they both like themselves more than anything else. Once again the Gemini penchant for—let's call it "interactions" with others this time— drives their prospective Leo partner round the bend. Gemini will probably notice Leo's get-you-back-flirtations, but they're not bothered by it. They will also not entertain the ensuing dramatics when Leo realizes that it's not working. Leo flirts for a reason—either to piss someone off, or because they really do want you to get down on your knees and stick your tongue in somewhere dark. Gemini just flirts for the sake of flirting and Leo finds it hard to believe that anything that Gemini does is not directly related back to them.
Yes, an unlikely duo—but one that can still work. They are both romantics and as happy on rose-petal-strewn silk sheets in a candle-filled room or in the alley behind the bar. (If you don’t step in something...suspect...the dim light filtering through the filthy windows back there sets a romantic tone of sorts.) Cancer makes Leo happy with their doting attention, which in turn makes Leo adore the Crab. Yes, unlikely but the oddest pairings often stand the test of time. Nobody wants to see their Grand Folks making out in the back lane of anywhere though so hopefully with time they’ll just do the nasty at home.
A mating of the King and Queen of the jungle, and it will be as exuberant, extravagant, and indeed as ferocious as can be imagined— but not all of that will involve actual fucking. Who's in charge, which one is in the spotlight, how the heck do we make room for both egos? Let's bring in a third and they can take turns telling them what—I mean who—to do, as long as the third wheel realizes that this is a walk-on role, no matter how many times they're asked to join in. It can work, but the giving is going to have to match the taking and both of them are paying real close attention and keeping score...of everything.
Virgo doesn't "get" the drama that Leo lives every day, but that doesn't mean they can't put up with it. Virgo does get the attention to detail that drives the Lion; that every night of satisfaction is a culmination of a series of foreplay events that began hours ago; right down to the single leather garter and mini tub-o-lube that arrived on someone’s desk in the company mail. That is a detail. Leo occasionally has to give Virgo a pep talk, which may be as simple as bend over baby and let me show you the many ways I love you one glorious stroke at a time. Possible longer term.
Leo and Libra are both very social characters. Leo is more physical and has no problem taking a leadership role when Libra dithers about. There is delicious potential for some very intense SM and DS play. You know that kind where you fit inside someone's mind as easily and as well as you fit inside them? It's a beautiful thing, and these two will have the bruises to prove it. It's not all in Leo's hands though, Libra is the master at working other's egos and King of the jungle or not, Leo will be just as easy. The Hunter becomes the prey. Delicious possibilities.
There will most likely be an immediate sexual attraction, but the possessiveness of both, coupled with each one's flirtatiousness, is going to cause problems. Leo will live for this drama, and the way to center stage is clear, as Scorpio has no use for the spotlight. Here's where Leo makes their mistake—while they are out working the room, Scorpio is quietly playing the darkened recesses; what he's whispering in your friend's ear involves wet things, but the likelihood of it being about the weather or boating is slim. Leo can't control this drama, nor understand the power play dynamics that the Scorpion can wield at will. Unfortunately, leaving a relationship where the drama is guaranteed is almost impossible for Leo to do.
Can Leo see the forest for the trees—or is it trees for the forest? Doesn’t matter—it's on fire, and everyone is running for their lives, but unless this somehow directly affects Leo—Leo doesn't see it. This pair could have it made. They both like freedom and adventure and meeting new people. They are both passionate—Sag is just more reserved—not as out there. Sagittarius is more than happy to let Leo strut their stuff whenever, wherever, however and wait for them to return to the den—but where's the drama in that? Leo moves on before figuring it out.
These two could fuck till the water buffalos come home, but at some point Capricorn is going to have to start dishing the dish and they can't keep that up. They are not going to tell their little apple blossom (Greek Adonis) that they have tits like ripe mangoes (an ass you could bounce a coin off), nipples like over-juiced berries (come like sweet-salty nectar) and a pussy like a water-logged oasis in an otherwise dry and dusty world (a cock like the trunk of a tree)—not on a regular basis anyway. Leo knows what Capricorn thinks, but they want to hear it again and again and again and to Capricorn that is way too many words way too often.
This isn't going to work either. The analyzing side of Aquarius cannot help but explain to the Lion that yes, everyone was looking, but that's because your fly was undone, Mr. Commando, and your dick was hanging out. Leo believes that any attention garnered was because he has a great piece of machinery. Leo will interpret the Aquarian aloofness as a personal affront—it is all about them after all—and Leo will move on to where the lights are brighter, the applause is louder and the only one with their shit out on display is them.
Leo’s flamboyance and extravagance are pitted against mystical and spiritual Pisces, and they will certainly be intrigued by the differences they find in each other—initially. Leo needs attention from everyone. Pisces needs attention from one person, but is involved emotionally with everyone, not just the Lion. When the crowd is gone and all that’s left is the stickiness (you hospitality service people are with me on that, aren’t you?). The lights are going to come on, and when they do, these two will be heading for separate exits.