Yes, lavish: massage, rub, fondle, kiss, lick, pinch, spank, divide and conquer. Libra will let you do what you want the first time just to keep you happy, after that you won't even have to ask...

Why stop at one Libra or one Libra once? A hopeless romantic, flirtatious, thrill-seeking, good-looking charmer—what’s not to love? Unless you find fickle, the attention span of a gnat, couldn’t make their mind up to save anyone’s soul much less their own, somewhat off-putting.

If you've been looking lovely Libra up and down and taking your sweet time deciding whether you want a piece of that fabulous ass, you’re advised not to wait too long. Better to take the plunge and take him or her by surprise. Despite what you've been told before about jumping the gun, too much too soon will work here, too little too late will leave you with a whole bunch of nothing. If you delay deciding about taking them up on the offer of the best of both worlds they’ll be off after the next piece of sin laden glitter that sparkles on by. They love to be one of, and with, those deemed beautiful. They absorb completely when they decide you are the one—absorb you and themselves in you. They gift lavishly when they have the funds to do so. If they don’t have those funds yet rest assured they’re working as hard as they can to get them. They’re unlikely to turn down a little Sugar Mommy or Daddy action coming their way either. There are standards of living that they expect to live by; the best sheets and furnishings, the best oils and creams, the best clothing and gadgets. They will treat you well but the challenge will always be whether you can tie them down to one location, relationship…or bed.

Libra rules the buttocks, loves them in fact—yours or their own. While you're basking in Libra's seemingly undivided attention, don't even think that every single bum that's sidled by your little back booth hasn't been given a surreptitious going over. Happily though, for every ooh there's an aah and when it's your turn to give till it hurts, flipping lovely Libra over and lavishing your attention on their own tight tushy will drive them mad with desire. Yes, lavish: massage, rub, fondle, kiss, lick, pinch, spank, divide and conquer. Libra will let you do what you want the first time just to keep you happy, after that you won't even have to ask this ass-centric fool for entry.
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The Libra Woman

The Libra woman is in love with love. She's more than happy to let you take the reins, and loves the surprises of spontaneous sex, but when in charge, even that bathroom quickie is dramatic and passionate. The sink is her stage and the mirror part of her voyeuristic but appreciative audience (that’s you). Flirtatious to the extreme, she will have you wrapped round her little finger before you’re able to lube yourself up…but who needs lube when she’s oiled your ego to that extent? Prepare to be taken in every sense of the word.

The Libra Man

Libra men are almost too popular (a side-effect of keeping everyone happy). Love-making is a recreational sport with this fellow, and he's very good at it; very very good at it. Now this is partly a natural born talent and partly his utter need to please and if you just give him a minute or two to figure out what turns your crank he’ll turn it as hard as he can. If you want him back in your bed again, don't forget to tell him that his performance was stellar. He knows this, but positive reinforcement goes along way with this one.
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Libra and Their Lovers

An instantaneous sexual attraction, but watch out. Libra's indecisiveness drives poor Aries mad when the questions of commitment and infidelity arise. Aries is possessive and jealous and Libra's social butterfly existence grates. Any extra-curricular activities will be on Aries' side only as far as Aries is concerned. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that to your Libra friend, ownership and possessiveness is the same thing. Either way, don’t expect Libra to give the all clear for any side relationships. So what this boils down to is a mishmash of who belongs to whom and for how long. Can you say pre-nup? The possibility that you’ll both stray or think about straying is there, probably because you both think the other one already has.
They may agree on which song was playing when they first spied each other, but the agreements end there. Lots of fights and silly spats bring plenty of hot make-up make-out sessions, but can it last? If the quarrels become a part of some weird love relationship that works then it’s possible. If you find yourselves arguing about the actual dog whilst engaged in doggie style then it’s time to stop everything and have a sit-down: Rule #1 no fighting while fucking: Rule #2 no fighting about fucking: Rule #3 Taurus is not allowed to choke out whoever anyone they think Libra was fucking. If there needs to be a Rule #4 it’s time to throw in the towel.
Could life be more perfect? Their mutual indecisiveness and need to weigh things out works very well and keeps their little world spinning along nicely. They might not get much done, but pooling their charm gets that third, or even fourth, partner to do whatever needs doing and it’s usually the two of them. Unfortunately, mixed in with this can’t make our minds up without a great big debate is a whole bunch of procrastination which also equals not much of anything getting done. Even if they have finally decided on who to bring in and how to do them, actually putting the seduction in action might take some time. Then they get bored with each other and do that whole break up thing without the whole break up drama.
Libra's need of a social life infuriates Cancer's desire to stay within the comforts of their own home. Why not use the perfectly good dungeon here? Cancer needs the home fires stoked on a regular basis—hard, fast, and with feeling—and to do that you've got to be there; at the very least there with someone who wants to be there; before, during, and most importantly to Cancer, after. When Cancer finds them self waiting one too many times for Libra to come home their patience will wear thinner than the gossamer sheath they’re wearing in anticipation of Libra’s arrival. Do you know what’s worse than a missed and now cold dinner? The cold hard exterior of a Cancer Crab; you can knock but you can no longer enter.
Libra loves to play and Leo has the energy to keep up. Keeping Leo's ego inflated is child's play for the diplomat. Life can be a big happy scene for these two filled with the sounds of adoration, ego-stroking, occasional grovelling, and mutual orgasms. Leo loves to go out and party as much as Libra, can work the room as well as Libra, and most importantly is not intimidated by Libra’s flirtatiousness and sense of adventure. Leo wants to be included and Libra is willing to do so because there’s no actual work involved. Win-Win.
Virgo's serious side can stifle life of the party Libra. Virgo needs to loosen up to give this any chance at all—bend over that much farther and allow the gag as well as the blindfold. (Don't worry about the room looking like it's been hit by a tornado—good sex can be messy.) Virgo does want details on everything under the sun and expects Libra to meet all the expectations that to them define what a relationship should be. Libra doesn’t get it: not the need for details or that there are actual rules and regulations that Virgo insists on and may lose interest just because it’s too much like work...this is too much like signing a pre-nup to fuck contract.
Even if they're just playing at having a "real" relationship, these two go to great lengths to pleasure each other. If all that give, give, give eventually wears thin for either, then stepping outside to find something to bring home—a toy, a whip, a lovely Sub is not a problem. Because neither likes to actively nurture the relationship they both understand how hard the other works to bring the best into the bed and will make allowances for time spent away in the pursuit of mutual goals. Neither has trouble deciphering the other’s motives or actions— they know that working the room is just that There is no opposites attract here, but there is a possibility that things will become a little too close for comfort.
Scorpio likes control, needs it, and wants it, and Libra's flirtatious and casual attitude towards sex does not sit well. Neither does the debating over what Scorpio sees as an either/or question. When Scorpio asks if you'd like the big or small plug, pick one quick Libra or Scorpio will decide for you. Even though Scorpio prefers to be in control there will be times that they want to be controlled. If Libra can’t step up to the plate at the right time they’ll be off the team very quickly. PS – Scorpio knows exactly what you’re thinking…test them if you don’t believe me.
Libra's affectionate nature draws Sagittarius's adventurous side like a moth to a flame. Libra can work this one just fine. Sex is not just making love honey, it's an adventure. You knew that, right? Libra is very, very happy to find someone that shares that sense of adventure and loves that the whole hunted/hunter scenario can switch sides sometimes. They will arrive at an event at different times, play everyone there and eventually pick each other up: Fun to do, fun to watch.
Maybe on those days when Libra doesn't have something else cooking he could visit Capricorn. Libra is attracted initially by Capricorn's strong sexual aura, but not interested in the extra effort needed to keep it going when there is so much readily available in the big world. This can very much—if Libra realizes how to work this one fast enough —develop into a true call-me-when-you-need-some kind of a thing arrangement. Libra is quite capable of making someone’s head and ass spin between the sheets and Capricorn will be happy to have them come back as a pinch-hitter, home-run type of lover when they realize that life sans a permanent Libra is way easier.
An Aquarian can make up their mind about any issue quickly. When Libra is told that they'll be going out for dinner and having not very discreet sex in the car before the movie, so leave the underpants at home, they couldn’t be happier: Hot wild sex and no decisions—what could be better? Hmm…would no pressure…no strings…no emotional tripping make it all okay. These two free spirits can really have everything they want if they both continue to play it cool but respectful, unfortunately in the long run it’s doubtful that Libra can keep it going.
Can Libra dominate as much and as often as Pisces needs? Any Dom knows there's a thought process involved here, variables like where, when, and how hard. You can't leave someone hanging, literally, for too long figuring out what to do next. Too many decisions for Libra in the long run will put undue strain on the relationship. Life is a series of decisions—decisions like the above are just a microcosm of life. Sometimes fucking is just fucking, but you need to put some thought into it to keep it hot and satisfying. These two could fall into the old in and out rut just because they don’t want to decide how to do it this time…and the downside of that is that they’ll both miss out on a situation that at last, for Libra, doesn’t seem like work.