Spread the love their way and there will be huge benefits coming your way; this is one ocean you really should dip more than a toe in—forget the life jacket, take a deep breath, close your eyes and dive right in. Your soul will thank you.

Don't go looking for a Pisces partner because you think there’ll be no problem picking them up with their easy-going dreamy ways. Yes, they will follow your lead, but you'd better keep up your end of the bargain as well. They are loving, devoted, and affectionate, and if you like all these good things, you'll need to reciprocate in kind in order to keep the loving coming your way. Their submissiveness does not mean that they are always on the reddened-ass end of disciplinary measures (Sir); it means they will submit to your wishes, whether you're in the mood for giving or getting; they will facilitate that, and happily so. They are emotional and sensitive individuals and intuitively know when you are taking advantage of them—they might not do anything about it—but they are aware. "No," is not a word that flows easily from their lovely lips, so it's easy to ignore when you are pulling that third or fourth come out of them. "Please, no more. I can't take it," comes out closer to, "Please...more." Who can hear down there anyway? Their thighs are plugging up your ears and you’ve no intention of stopping to ask what they said. Be careful that this doesn’t come back at you when you’re on the short end of one of those “you never listen to me,” conversations. They are emotional and sentimental beings…and they’ve got a real long memory.

Pisces natives are as bottomless as the aqua pura they exist in and beyond feeling everything that’s happening around and to everyone they know, they have lots to say about everything, so keeping this little goldfish is as easy as putting on your listening ears —pay close attention. Remember every anniversary there is—make them up if you have to. Most important though is that you keep the romance coming. Being romantic is like making love to yourself. Is it a habit? Could be, but it's not a bad one. Once you learn how to do it, you keep on doing it ‘cause it feels good. Spread the love their way and there will be huge benefits coming your way; this is one ocean you really should dip more than a toe in—forget the life jacket, take a deep breath, close your eyes and dive right in. Your soul will thank you.

Pisces rules the feet and toes...yours and theirs. There's a spot about halfway between your ankle and your heel on the inside and outside of your foot that will benefit from a nice gentle circular-motioned rub. Start there (romantically of course) after you've boned up on your reflexology.

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The Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman exudes passion, and any partner will be more captivated by her than "attracted to." There is something about this Mary, and it's not her hair goo. (That’s from a movie – Google it if you have to.) She chooses carefully and adjusts to fit the image that is required. You will see and experience exactly what you want: nurse, cheerleader, or nun (anything’s possible), dominator, submitter, whatever you desire -- and she will do all of this without losing herself in the process. This is no easy feat, and it's vital that you both make the effort…well you mostly as the non-Pisces…to make sure that there’s no confusion about what’s required; showing up at the company picnic in full leather regalia brandishing a paddle with your name on it is not going to do you, or her any good. In general though you don’t have to worry; she's got it all under control. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it, your very own fantasy woman? Don't forget your end of the equation -- keep the romance and appreciation coming.

The Pisces Man

Every Pisces man I have known has had an undercurrent of dirty boy running just below his surface. They can easily, with just a side-ways-glance and a whisper, make you think that you are this close to the best fuck of your life. The Pisces man has an innate understanding of his partner's inner feelings and needs, and perhaps it's this skill he's using when he gets you to wet your pants with want. Overall he's a big softie, unless he's hard of course, and he is rarely far from that. This man is intense. To him, the act itself is the culmination of the process, not the end of the chase. He is not making love to you, he is right under your skin, behind your eyes, in your soul -- he is the perfect mind-fuck.
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Pisces and Their Lovers

Is Pisces drawn to the Aries ability to make decisions, or overwhelmed with their take-over-everything manner? Aries is flattered by Pisces' devotion and adoration and this will continue to work until Pisces realizes that they both love the same cock...I mean...person. Aries will bully when allowed and Pisces will allow them and allow them to do this long after other signs have taken their sex toys and gone home. Aries' downfall is that they can’t see the Pisces line in the sand. Admittedly this is because the waves sometimes obscure it, move it, wash it completely away. If Aries can’t see the line all the time they tend to forget, or simply ignore the fact that there is one. Not a wise move.
Both the Fish and the Bull are highly passionate and enjoy the cotton-wooly comforts of the ultimate love-nest. Taurus is possessive, which makes Pisces feel secure, but feeling loved is what keeps this one on the line. Taurus, you want to bury your face because you like the way your partner tastes, not because it's yours and you can; remember that and all will be well for most likely an extended time. Pisces lets you take but there is always a price to be paid; Taurus understands the cost and is willing to pay with each and every stroke of whatever needs stroking.
These two are attracted to each other for all the right reasons. The mystery that is Pisces appeals to Gemini, and the communication skills of Gemini appeal to Pisces. I said attracted to, I didn't say they're a match made in the skies. They have fun in bed, out of bed, on the floor, in the tub, in the enhanced access washroom at the airport but even if Gemini isn’t considering going anywhere (how could anyone actually figure that out), Pisces thinks they might be and want an itemized accounting of time spent with who, where, and what was done. Gemini's real or imagined ten different ways at one time way of confusing every living thing causes Pisces to become clingy and possessive, which simply accelerates the Gemini exit and soon their flight to elsewhere will be boarding.
Hello! Cancer is sexually demanding. Pisces rarely says "no." Cancer will embrace Pisces’ willingness to go with the flow and in gratitude will devote themselves to the Fish. In return Pisces will idolize Cancer. This is the match made in the skies and it’s about time these two tormented souls found a little love and security and mutual sexual satisfaction…upside is they’re not bugging the rest of us to join them in their captivatingly cuddlesome closed circle of lustful love. Seriously, it’s a good thing for them and u
Just forget it. Pisces is shy and introverted -- okay, deep and introverted. Leo is arrogant, domineering, flirtatious, and a roamer. Pisces might just fuck one because they feel like it, want it, or, just because they can. What should not be confused with “feeling things deeply” is “easy to play” because Pisces does know exactly what your experience is mentally and emotionally at any given time – that’s what makes them so hard to resist. In this case they know exactly how to manipulate that attention machine that is Leo but won't be taken in by Leo’s banter and are smart enough to not expect or want anything afterwards. They will not be making your breakfast. Get out and take your over-inflated ego with you.
In the beginning they may appeal to each other but they are really opposites in more scenarios than simply staring each other down from across the Zodiac Wheel. Virgo mistrusts Pisces' emotionality because they see this not as an inability to control oneself but as an outright lack of control. In Virgo’s mind lack of control means they believe that Pisces will betray them with another. This lack of trust leads Virgo to withdraw sex and it’s not going to take too many "not tonight” rejections to fuel Pisces insecurities; they’ll stop asking Virgo and ask elsewhere. This relationship is full of self-fulfilling prophecies.
These two take to each other immediately because Libra likes the idea of romance. The fly in the ointment here is that Libra might not be able to handle the responsibility that comes with it. Whilst flirting with everything that's still got a pulse, Libra will have to include Pisces and at the same time make Pisces believe this is all about them or for them or some other ridiculously false notion. Pretending that it is all about Pisces is certainly easier for Libra than pretending they’re not flirting with everyone else but neither is an ideal situation for the often times suspicious Fish. Personally I’d like to see you pull this one off Libra.
Pisces has come home. "It's okay to feel vulnerable while I have you this way, and tell me please that I'm the only one who's ever been back here." Scorpio supplies the sex, emotional support, and possessiveness that Pisces needs to feel loved. They practically orbit each other. Even more frightening for the rest of us is that they seem to be able to communicate on some sort of unspoken sensual level. You could catch a glimpse of these two out somewhere and notice the body language, slight touches, nods, leans towards each other and be left wondering if you’ve not just witnessed them actually having sex…of some kind, you feel kind of dirty and like you need a smoke yourself, or a drink, or something. Non-vocal, but hot, hard and sweaty wet sessions are everyday entry events for these two; they give the word penetration a whole new meaning.
Very, very hot. But Pisces is still daydreaming in bed all a tangle in the sex-stained sheets while Sagittarius is out looking for whatever's coming next. Pisces believes in you catch me I’m yours and will not play the let's pretend we don't know each other and you pick me up and I give you anonymous head in the alley game just to appease the hunter. (Even if they did exactly that the first time they met.) Oh, somebody will always play the unhook me, throw me back and catch me again game, but it’s not going to be our little Fish so take your rod and reel and go troll another stream.
Opposites, but sometimes that can work. Capricorn likes to control everything controllable but in this scenario the Pisces emotionality lightens the Goat’s serious approach to life. There will be times when Pisces intuitiveness comes in very handy with Capricorn's inability to verbalize what they need. Some days even telling someone to get on top and ride you hard is hard to do…Pisces knows and will work this for you. Don’t worry they’ve got it.
If I am Aquarius, I am wondering, "Who else can I do with this fantastical implement.” And as a Pisces, I wonder if this plug makes my ass look big, and how I feel about that. Although Pisces inspires and accepts the Aquarian need to experience and experiment, essentially they are looking at the world through different lenses. Pisces looks inward and Aquarius looks outward and together as a unit they end up with a collectively cockeyed view of the Universe. Fortunately the Universe is big enough for the both of them and even if they do cross paths and come together in the most basest of ways at times, they will just as easily carry on afterwards.
Are these two still in bed? It's all dreamy and satisfying, and warm and wet, and soft and hard in all the right places but nobody's pushing anybody to do anything, which means we're going to be hungry and have nowhere to stay so someone better get their butt out from under this blanket and get something done. No, not each other…again…