Your questions….


No, cool cats & kittens (couldn’t help it), Scorpios are not hyper horny, vigilant maybe, cool under pressure maybe, seemingly aloof… etc etc. They get this reputation because they are all of those things and others are drawn to them.. and lots of times that results in a physical relationship.

When you cross paths with a Scorpio it’s most likely that they’ve already decided whether they’ll bed you or not. They either want you, or they don’t. If you’re pursuing one, it’s just a game they’re letting you play. If you’re in a relationship already you should be prepared to keep up; you need to match their desires or exceed them. Less is not more in this bedroom. A Scorpio will make every effort to figure out what you want, what you need, and what you might not know you need, and make sure you get it all. Your pleasure is their pleasure so lucky you.

They’re not sex mad, they’re very very aware of the value of the whole experience and how the experience fuels everything: that it’s an emotional, spiritual, and physical experience.

They’re also not afraid to let you know what they want… so sex mad? No.

Sex smart? Oh, very much yes.

Correct me if I’m wrong.


Kind of open ended, pun intended.

Seeing as how the Libra hotspot is their backside, your backside, everyone else’s backside, then the short answer to that would be obviously, yes. You can click on the individual sign links above and read that for yourself. This is a bigger issue though as the question, I think, meant more the act than the anatomy.

IF YOU’RE A LIBRA AND YOU WANT IT: You’re the diplomat of the zodiac and surely to goodness you can talk anyone into anything. Be persuasive, don’t ask for it if you’re in the middle of “the act”, and obviously no means no.

IF YOU WANT IT FROM A LIBRA: Negotiate. Negotiate. Negotiate. They love the back and forth. And obviously, again, no means no. They’re going to ask you why … and you’d better have a good reason, and a truthful one. Their “you’re full of ***t meters” are pretty much on point.