How many times did you hear "Go outside and play"? You're just a bigger kid now, so get going, there's a Sagittarian out there somewhere just waiting to hunt you, bag you, and stuff you..

Such a list of lovely Sagittarian traits: broadminded, enthusiastic, passionate, charming, impulsive. Such a list of awful traits: single purposed, apathetic, dull, offensive, and cautious. The key to understanding this personality is realizing that they are quite capable of doing or being whatever they need to be whenever they need to be it in order to get what they want. If you think they won’t deliberately piss you off just to get inside your head, your underpants, and you, you’re mistaken. He or she could talk you into following them home and you'd still think it was your idea the next morning. They’re fickle though—you might be gone in their mind before you come in yours. But there is a way to beat them at their own game and have them how and when you want them. All you’ve got to do is send them on their way before they send you on yours: start their car, call them a cab, start to make the bed when they’re still in it and this is a good one—flush the toilet when they’re still in the shower. Genius. Make sure they get the message that as far as you’re concerned they have got to go—and go now. Keep them so busy going that all they can think about is coming back. If you know a lovely Sagittarian that you’ve been keeping at arm’s length because it seems like they need to be taken care of, or coddled or parented and it all seems like too much trouble (even if the sex promises to be all that and it most likely will be) you need to rethink this; they are really quite nice to have around and absolutely lovely underneath the covers. If you want to remain in this relationship then you must never bore these people, never ever and that’s where your efforts to keep them confused about their status with you comes in very hand.

When faced with the choice of black-tie and fine china, or flannel and campfire pots, a night under the starry skies will win every time. The great outdoors appeals immensely to the Sagittarian, and not sex in the car in the parking lot; fucking in the forests, fellatio in the fields, green knees instead of rug burns when you're ass up on a carpet of moss. How many times did you hear "Go outside and play"? You're just a bigger kid now, so get going, there's a Sagittarian out there somewhere just waiting to hunt you, bag you, and stuff you.

The hips and thighs are Sag's erogenous zones, so do spend lots of time tickling and stroking, licking and nibbling those often ignored spots. We seldom admire the framework when we're waiting to get in, but we should. Isn't it nice when the door swings open and inside it's so warm that the windows and walls are dripping with humidity and it smells so good you just want to eat it all up? Standing on the doorstep inhaling what’s cooking and admiring the kitchen just makes it even better when you get inside and sit down to dine.
Lily Licks Love Signs Sagittarius

The Sagittarian Woman

A Sagittarius woman is direct in her pursuit: "I want you," and generous with her affections: "Did you need to come again?" Nothing is that easy though, and what are you going to do when trying to make her jealous doesn't work? Does that mean you get to sleep with other people? It might, but do you have to do this to keep up with her? One thing you best not try is asking any questions that sound anything like a plea for attention or a request to be told that you are the best they’ve ever had. Even if you are the best, expect a response with edges as sharp as the gutting knife you suspect she keeps hidden in her purse. Ouch. Consider yourself warned.

The Sagittarian Man

The Sagittarian man is the epitome of the fabled hunter and to him the seduction is everything—you are prey. When he says he loves you, it's not just that he's got his cock buried balls-deep inside you and he loves you right now in this minute: he means it. He loves you...and you, and you too. As with the women of this sign brutal honesty is normal operation. If you’re doing something wrong in his eyes, and this can be as general as how you act or as specific as how you move your hips, or lick your lips, he will let you know. He doesn’t have a commitment phobia he’s just not into commitment.
Lily Licks Love Signs Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Their Lovers

Their mutual love of the outdoors (see above) and reluctance to pass up any opportunity to make out that comes up can lead to a very satisfying sex-life; the occasional sliver or thorn is a small price to pay for their shared adventure-seeking libidos. Both have rather explosive tempers, but when you don't have to wait to get home in bed to make up or make out, arguments and disagreements become less important. Aries might drive around too long looking for the perfect abandoned loading dock to use, but patient Sag will humor them and no they’re not going to tell Aries that the CCTV is going to catch their every move, they’re just going wink in the lens’s direction, then point their ass to the camera and get busy.
Sagittarius is really just passing through Taurus's space messing up all the rooms on the way. And no, they’re not going to stay home for any length of time and certainly no longer than the after-coitus cuddling takes. On the other hand, Taurus in their energized way can do it fast and hard and hand you your hat before your heart beat returns to normal. Not that there’s a next-in-line waiting, they’re just glad to see you and your mess go. And yes, yes, they’ll see you Thursday, call first, and just don’t plan on staying long or overnight or any length of time past your appointed departure time. Hey, Taurus has things to do.
Even though these are opposite signs, their mutual adventurousness connects them in bed as long as there is no talking involved—oops— Gemini loves to talk about everything and nothing. But Gemini does not throw around compliments and kudos willy-nilly—in fact on that subject they rarely have anything to say because they assume that you know that if they are with you then surely you know they think you’re hot. So, there’s lots of talking about nothing on Gemini’s part and unenthusiastic pretend listening on Sag’s end; not much fun. Their mutual reluctance to lay down some roots forces them both to move on.
Sagittarius is intrigued with Cancer's sexuality and romanticism, but can't bear the jealousy and moodiness that comes with this relationship. The best part of this union for both is going to be the chase and capture. Sagittarius is unwilling to coddle Cancer on the emotional front and this is all that Cancer really wants. The less Cancer gets the tighter they hold on. The hunter in Sag soon reverts to capture and release. End of story.
Leo loves freedom and drama, and accommodating Sagittarius can handle Leo's huge ego. Fortunately Leo's passion is fueled by the Hunter's fight against ownership. When Sagittarius showers attention on another it angers Leo, but in the ego-machine that is Leo, this just makes them want to prove to Sagittarius that they are the better lover. A doomed spiral of emotion to be sure, but for some the ties that bind are never too tight. A little bit like that old circus lion tamer act; you never really know who’s in charge of whom—or if the lion is going get the final and maybe fatal bite. This could hurt.
Sagittarius just cannot interpret Virgo's concerns as the love that it is. Virgo needs commitment, and Sagittarius just can't do much beyond committing to the right now while I'm in you, you're in me, or we manage to be in each other at the same time kind of now. It’s the Virgo need for schedule and organization that makes Sag back off, not realizing that it’s not so much a desire to control them as it is a method that Virgos use to control their own personal lives. Wake up— check; blow my lover—check; make breakfast—check; Virgos need order in their own heads. Figure that little key out and this could last a whole lot longer.
Libra the romantic can become hooked by the Sagittarius' lust for life. Libra is no stranger to the art of flirtation, and can work Sag just fine. When Libra saunters out the door with another and casts a wink on the way—Sag will follow. They don’t have to be the alpha-hunter all the time, as long as they’re in on the game. If Libra is bringing someone home to share then Sag is all over it, in it, under it, and on it. They also have the patience to sit back and watch before ripping off a piece for themselves; very life on the savannah like while they wait for their turn. It can be a successful give and take relationship—very calculated on both sides, but still doable.
Even though Sagittarius allows Scorpio their little mind-games between the sheets, they will not be controlled beyond that. Scorpio tries to keep the set-them-free karma going, but really can't do it for any length of time. Almost everything that Sag does goes against the Scorpio way. If Scorpio can figure that out instead of pretending to let them go, and they really do say see you later, Sag will come back all on their own. Not because they were free to do what they want—but because the only one that can make out like a Scorpio is a Scorpio— and Sag doesn’t want to let that one ever get away.
As with other like-signs, the initial sameness will work, but only for a little while. These two make fabulous fuck-buddies—Gay, Bi, Straight, whatever—but they will always eventually pull away. You can't hunt the hunter too many times as the prey comes to know the hunter and vice versa. They know each other’s every method, motive and modus operandi. It’s not a bad thing—it’s just a same-old-same-old thing.
Just keep on going and don’t look back. Capricorn's slow steady approach to everything drives fast and flighty Sagittarius away. You can dissect things to the point that all the mystery is gone. They might have a guaranteed come-trigger but Sag would at least like to mix up the route to get there. Detour round the left ass cheek; twirl the tongue left instead of right; pop in a thumb instead of an index finger. Capricorn is not a boring lover; they’re just not consistently exciting enough for Sagittarius.
Sagittarius's experimentalism fuels the Aquarian's innovativeness. Watch out! Either one could be hanging upside down in the basement being penetrated with—oh, pick something from the tool bench. They’ll both be loving every minute of it. Whose turn is it now? Good vibes, good times, good sex—every time. They really do have each other’s number and dial it every chance they get. They play with each other, taunt each other, and mess with each other. When the day is done they fuck each other. To them, it’s an out-of-this-world kind of world.
These two appeal to each other on several levels. Pisces' spiritualism calms Sagittarius somewhat, while Sagittarius's zest for life and living fires up the sometimes cool Piscean. Sounds perfect doesn’t it but where does this really leave us? Not too hot and not too cool and just sort of halfway between the two. But the middle is never where Sagittarius wants to be, unless it's slicked between two Librans. Pisces will feel like the little fish that’s always on the verge of getting tossed back in and most likely that’s exactly what’s going to happen.