There's just one thing; if you think you were the initiator—think again—more likely the initiated, the chosen, the decided upon. However you want to dress it up, you were still the one undressed.

Call them sex obsessed and they’ll admit to a healthy interest, and that the activity itself is a favorite hobby. If you’ve got any more opinions you’d like to share, Scorpio will be happy to discuss them with you when they’re done doing you or done with you. On occasion, the two (the doing and the done) take place so close together you won’t know it’s over till you’re standing underpants in hand on the other side of the door.

Sex in general is empowering but to Scorpio sex is all powerful; it's a way of life. There is no such thing as "I don't feel like it." There are only variations of “I don’t feel like getting on top, I want it sideways,” or “I don’t feel like hitting it over the chair, I want you on the floor,” and, on occasion, the "I don't feel like it right now, with you." Meaning they’re off to get some somewhere else and maybe they’ll be back. They always feel like it, just maybe not on your terms.

Scorpio, often misunderstood, has shouldered much bad press. The biggest misconception here is that the Scorpion is promiscuous—flitting about from post to portal, one night stand after the next. Not so: They may move through partners more often than some but there is always some sort of relationship happening and always a lasting impression left behind. Being in touch with your own needs and not being afraid of them is a plus and good for you for helping lusty Scorpio on their road to fulfillment. There's just one thing; if you think you were the initiator—think again—more likely the initiated, the chosen, the decided upon. However you want to dress it up, you were still the one undressed. You may have floated through Scorpio's line of vision 10 minutes, 10 days or 10 weeks ago, but be assured that you have been thoroughly fucked already. Remember that over-heated feeling you experienced when you found yourself caught in their "see right through you stare"? Got you, now they're going to have you.

Scorpio's erogenous zone is the genitals—how easy is that? Scorpio as a whole could be described as always running at a slow burn but the spark that ignites the flame resides squarely up top in that quietly dark abyss of a mind. Anyone who believes they’ve reached the core of Scorpio feeling, or figured out what makes them tick is mistaken. Telling them you’ve got them figured out might just result in that fabulous orgasm you just had being the last one you’ll have with them. Not because you’ve cut close to the quick, but that you had the gall to suggest you had their number—which you don’t by the way. When they’re done, they’re done—don’t forget your underpants. Class dismissed. Seriously, get off the property.

Want to catch or keep this mysterious being? Don't fake it—they'll know. Don't pretend to listen—Scorpio knows that too. Repeat after me: Life is sex, life is sex, life is sex. Class dismissed.
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The Scorpio Woman

The public face of a Scorpio relationship rarely reflects the private goings on. That seemingly subservient Scorpio female might just be packing the perfect little strap-on under that sexy dress. She understands and plays the role very well of public lady/private whore. She will either fascinate or frighten the people she comes across as she metes out her looks of destruction or desire. Often dominating, emotionally demanding, and possessive, once possessed, her chosen partners want nothing more than to be owned—completely. You’re not done till she’s done with you but you won’t be left wondering if her interest is fading. One day you’re in and the next day you’re out—literally; AKA—she’s done with you.

The Scorpio Man

The Scorpio male is totally masculine, even if you’re riding him, caning him, or you’ve got a good grip of the back of this King of Oral’s head as he does his impression of winning an eating competition (use your imagination). He will always have you…always. If you are applying strokes to his pliant ass, stop to wonder if it's submission on his part or a subversive nurturing of your dominance fueled by the simmering danger that lies just below his surface. He will, in a carefully planned way, bring out the most sensual in any partner.
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Scorpio and Their Lovers

There is a hot immediate attraction here. Aries' willingness to experiment fits nicely with Scorpio's "let’s try everything” attitude. Aries can come first, and sometimes be the only one coming, but making a habit of that will soon leave Aries coming alone. Scorpio women love to satisfy their partner, but do expect an ample rate of return for effort invested. Not always in the same event, and they’re not paying that close attention—exactly—but things better even out on the who came first this time scorecard. The Aries Woman can keep up energy-wise with a Scorpio Male. They may be somewhat baffled by the depth of imagination he brings to bed but they’ll play along and wonder "WTF was that" after.
Strong like a bull—let's go again. Now what? Okay, let's go again. Taurus has the stamina to keep up, but who owns who here? Okay, let's go again, we’ll talk about it after we go again. Taurus, you must pay complete attention here—or you're not going again. Mutual possessiveness will become smothering and tedious. Class dismissed. Wait, let’s go again one more time.
Gemini, that old split-personality, is enthused by the Scorpion's obvious insatiability, but driven to distraction with the thought that someone else might be in the driver's seat when they’re not there (and not there is something that our Gemini lovers do quite well). Scorpio is confused by this as Gemini appears totally committed one day and oblivious the next. There's no denying the outright lust, but seatbelts and crash helmets may be needed to stay the course. Nothing breaks up a long journey like a good hard fuck on the side of the road. Bottom line – don’t waste time trying to figure each other out – forget the map and just enjoy the ride in the car, in each other, under each other, on top of each other. This is one relationship that outwardly puzzles: Are they together or not? Publicly under wraps and privately buck wild—neither would have it, or each other, any other way.
A little possessiveness goes a long way—a bit like a leash and collar you can wear to the grocery store. Scorpio happily interprets Cancer's jealousy as love, and welcomes the accompanying passivity as a cozy fit to that undeniable Scorpio need to control. Sometimes opposites do attract. Cancer will loosen up in bed under the careful tutelage of Scorpio. Scorpio will take all the time it requires to mold Cancer into the type of lover that suits them best. Pliant, accommodating, subservient…they may spank and paddle their little Crab on occasion, then cool their reddened skin with kisses and soothing balms: the Crab will endure in order to receive.
The physical attraction here is huge—and size does matter—this is not a piece of cake we're taking about. Ego problems abound, clashes of will, fights over lubes, and paddles, silk ties or cord, big plugs, butt plugs, latex, rubber, paddles, your turn, my turn, the list goes on and on. Although Leo thrives on this type of interaction, Scorpio tires of the constant drama. They understand that whole hot make up/make out scenario session that Leo loves and they do want the sex but not the constant theatrical fight to get to the getting it. And let’s face it Scorpio doesn’t ever have to fight to get anything or anyone—they can get it where ever they want. Seriously, all this time spent egging each other on could be better spent entering each other.
Virgo's restrained nature appeals somewhat to Scorpio's demonstrative side. While restrained, Virgo accepts the limitations, and doesn't struggle or shout over the gag and the simple act of not fighting touches Scorpio's psyche in a special way. At last, someone who understands that they are simply not in charge, and that there are benefits to being taken care of in such a way. Virgo has trouble with the limitations elsewhere in the relationship but Scorpio is demonstrative in a way that appeals to Virgo. This will be very much a mentoring situation for Scorpio and they do love teaching others the fine art of just about everything you can do with a finger, tongue…or anything.
Libra loves odd people, and Scorpio's stand-out appeal makes Libra want to add him or her to their collection. But we know by now that that is simply not going to work here. Scorpio is never ever part of anyone’s collection, stable, entourage; call it what you will, dress it up all hot and sexy, it’s still not happening. Libra will work the crowd; they will be stopped in their tracks by Scorpio, and allowed to move on when Scorpio is finished with them. It will never ever be the other way around.
These two approach each other like they're first in line at an all-you-can-eat buffet but overeating eventually gives you a big belly ache and soon enough nobody will be rubbing anyone's tummy. With the open-mindedness of both, you would think it would work, but it can't. Briefly yes, but when the novelty of sameness wears off then it’s done. The spectacular sex of matched drives and imagination does not make up for the fact that they don’t really trust each other—unlike the rest of the Zodiac signs—these two do have each other’s number. They might call it once, they might call it twice but eventually they’re not calling each other back. See ya.
The temptation is so great on Scorpio's part to fulfill all of the fantasies that willing Sag wants and needs filled. Problem is that this would just make Sag as happy as could be, and the happier they are the more inclined they become to get out there in the big world and spread the happiness. Nothing short of chaining their little Sag ass to the bed is going to keep them home—which takes it beyond the scope of sex-play, doesn't it? Scorpio is cool with the out-there issue if they can retain control but they are not cool with the spreading of anything or anyone unless it’s their idea. Scorpio would not be opposed to Sag bringing a partner home that they could both have together, but as soon as it’s Sag’s turn and Scorpio is left to watch then its game over.
Capricorn's natural reticence actually appeals to Scorpio's passion-fueled emotions. It's that old control thing again. If Capricorn says they don't like ass-play, for example, Scorpio will take great pleasure in making them come with just one (maybe two) finger-tips slid in at just the right time. Oops—how did that happen? Made you like it. Scorpio will probably laugh out loud after Cap comes and tries to say it didn’t feel that good. But it’ll be that dirty laugh and steamy look that always leads to more. Made you like it again.
Their mutual curiosity facilitates their hold-my-hand-honey, headfirst-dive into unusual sexual practices; unusual to the general population, but not to them. Unfortunately, the Aquarian free-love and freedom ethic just can't measure up to Scorpio's need to be the center of their immediate sexual universe. Scorpio is not that self-centered, but when they’re involved they’re involved. They are insatiable but focused—if they’re focused on you, you need to be focused on them. Scorpio can only pretend to not be jealous for a short time.
At last, a meeting of the minds—the unspoken communication between Dom and sub really exists. Pisces is able to wield the power on those nights that Scorpio demands, "If you loved me you'd hurt me...just...right...there." Intuition, a steady hand, and mutual desire allow these two to root out and share each other's basest needs...again...and again...and again. Pisces understands Scorpio and Scorpio gets Pisces. Simply put, Pisces lets Scorpio get them whenever they want: in the parking garage, over the kitchen table, in the shed, in the shower. Scorpio pays back by making sure that their little Fish comes every time and often.