The neck and throat are special spots for Taurus. That seems too easy. Deep throat me; choke me just a little while I'm coming; bite the back of my neck; fuck me from behind with your arm tight just under my chin; on hands and knees; collared and leashed....way way to easy.

Yes, there is something to that saying "strong like a bull," and if you throw in stubborn and self-involved you’ll come close to a fitting description of your average Taurus character. Opposite to that, and in some part due to the association with Venus, they can also be quite warm and accommodating; they exude passive/aggressive energy. What must be worked out when trying to work with your favorite Bull is whether this can be worked to your advantage—is it even possible? The answer is that anything can be worked if you want to work it. Sounds like a lot of work—but aren’t most things worth it a lot of work? Taurus individuals are patient, loving, persistent people—when they're not being resentful, greedy, and obstinate. They are creatures of habit and like the security of routine but can, with careful planning, be eased from the late-night talk show make-out session to any other "routine" like, I get to come first, or sex in the afternoon, or before breakfast. They love to stick to tried and true methods though, and may be reluctant to step off the precipice into the unknown world of mixing it up. If you want them to try something fresh, try telling them that you think they can't do it or won't like it. "It's just a new position I read about honey, but you probably won't like it, it'll hurt your knees," should do it. Game on. They’ll be blinded by the challenge and you'll be ass upside down against the wall before you know what hit you. The relentless streak in your Taurus partner will not allow them to give up even if it’s to the point of passing out trying. I’m not advocating true injury for pleasure but telling them they were fantastic and loved it when they come back to the land of the living will guarantee another attempt.

The Taurus lover is loyal, less likely to stray than others and rarely take kindly to the notion of sharing. They will leave when they've had enough, and you will be the first to know. Unlike the more "outdoorsy" astrological signs, Taurus natives like to be surrounded by satins, velvets, and all the elegant trappings of a luxurious, sensual home. In their realm they make their beds with a zillion count linens that float just a hair’s breathe above you as you slumber beneath them; deep fluffy towels referred to as bath sheets in high end catalogues, and tubs that are full of scented steamy waters you don't even have to get into to feel as if you’ve been scrubbed clean.

You might have to wait for dear Taurus to make a move, because they do not like to be rushed. But the very fact that you are able to restrain yourself only makes you more desirable in their eyes. Tell them that the thought of being with them has filled you with an all-consuming lust that grips you morning and think of them beneath you, above you feverishly stroke yourself in an effort to harness this uncontrollable urge...and you're willing to do this because you're saving yourself for them. Now you look even better; to them you are the red flag of want.

The neck and throat are special spots for Taurus. That seems too easy. Deep throat me; choke me just a little while I'm coming; bite the back of my neck; fuck me from behind with your arm tight just under my chin; on hands and knees; collared and leashed....way way to easy Taurus.
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The Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is the proverbial earth mother/whore combination. She will fuck you as much as you fuck her—providing you can catch her, of course. She likes to be chased, and will make you run a mile before letting you burst through that finishing satin ribbon that graces the doorway to the garden of earthly delights between her thighs. Don't expect to find your way back out till she's finished with you.

The Taurus Man

Our Mr. Bull is a sensible fellow, scanning the field before choosing his prey. He often appears tough and unaffected by all that's involved in the mating game, but underneath he's as red-blooded and passionate as everyone else. You'll never have to wonder what his intentions are, because when he wants you, he'll tell you. What he lacks in imagination he more than makes up for in stamina, and just plain old "get you there" strength. It doesn't matter that you have to be the one who makes position suggestions or moves, as long as he's hard and balls-deep he'll keep on going any which way you want. Yes, your very own energizer bull. Bless his little bovine heart.
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Taurus and Their Lovers

Taurus and Aries both like good hard sex, and lots of it. Taurus will, without a doubt, be too possessive for Aries, which is a bit of a sticky wicket, as Aries themselves can be ownership driven. Taurus likes to have a plan and stay with it, and will only be able to fake that they are okay with Aries' last minute changeability for a little while. The switch from dungeon to romantic evening won't be appreciated, because in the Bull's head their Taurean butt is already strapped to the cross ready to be whipped—not wooed—and vice versa. The neighbors will bear audible witness to plenty of fights and fucking...and never be really sure which event they're listening to at the moment. More often than not it’ll be a combination of the two.
Hmm...both like lots of sex, both are happy to stick to the game plan, both like the direct approach, both like to win and—hold up kids—both like to win. This means someone has to lose. This means it isn't going to work in the long run, because Taurus doesn't take the middle ground. Imagine a bull ring if you will, only in this one there is no matador, or toreador, or anyone in white tights and ballet shoes—just two angry snorting Bulls. Exciting—briefly; exhausting—without a doubt. These two will fight about which side of the bed the other one got out on and more days than not, it’s going to be the wrong side. See previous re neighbors.
Nope, this isn't going to work either. Gemini natives flirt because they feel like it and they're good at it. The Bull flirts as a prelude to a given. Taurus does not understand the Gemini need for variety in life—and this doesn't mean partners as much as it means variety in everything. They may intrigue each other in the short run, but the Taurus demand for stability will push Gemini right off the other side of the bed—again, as above, the wrong side. Even though Gemini does not believe that they are stubborn, they can be quite set in their ways. Although they both might want it, they’re both too good at not giving in to what they perceive to be the other’s demands and both consider withholding affection as acceptable strategy. Nothing plus nothing equals nothing. In this case the neighbors will eventually figure out that where there were two there is now only one...or none.
Highly-sexed and passionate, this pair, when they come up for air, will find that they share many of the same values; both placing the importance of hearth and home high on their list of priorities. Cancer's moods don't faze Taurus in the least. Taurus knows that it is Tuesday and that they will bend Cancer over and have them, just as Cancer knows that it is Tuesday and no matter how cranky they've been, Taurus will bend them over and have them. Can you even imagine the freedom of acting like a complete twitchy B I T C H and still get all the sex you want? Can you imagine being with someone who freakin’ drives you round the bend and not only do you still want sex from them you can still get all the sex all the ways you want…from them? Unbelievable! This is not for everyone but for these two it’s like a weird and wonderful melding of worlds. Carry on with your sexually satisfied selves.
Even though Taurus is not prone to jumping into the sack on the first meet, the directness that is Leo may propel this relationship along faster than others. Unfortunately, the speed that they find themselves in each other's pants only hastens the speed that they leap back out. Taurus, although no braggart, wants appreciation for their ability to get the job done. Leo, on the other hand, wants to be admired for their contributions. Although I feel you, I cannot verbalize my appreciation for the size of your cock and your make-out mastery because I am totally enthralled by the way my sweet core sucks you in and warmly envelops your every inch. Or the reverse which would be Leo totally mesmerized watching self sliding in and out of that steamy channel of love. An ignored Taurus is not a happy Taurus. An un-applauded Leo is not a happy Leo. Next!
These two love how un-spontaneous the other is. Is this even possible? Do they plan everything; dinner and a movie; your turn to be on top; tie me up; be the pony? Some people want a surprise, some people don’t, and for these two the only real (fake) surprise is that one of them is going to act surprised over something they’ve already planned in advance. What order and formula lurks behind the bedroom door of these two? Nobody knows but them and they’re not telling us. On the other hand, if it works for them why should anyone else care? If they’re happy together they’re not out there trying to get the rest of us to do what they want. And that is so such a big step towards world harmony that it should be noted by the rest of us.
Libra's inability to decide on anything drives Taurus crazy. Initially, our Bull is happy to be in charge but wants to do so without debating everything, or changing things up just because, or bring new partners in because they look good in a pair of stilettos. Libra is off working the room and Taurus is not amused. Taurus not amused develops into Taurus pissed off which develops into the silent treatment which develops into no sex. Trouble is that while Taurus is working through all these emotions, Libra is still working the room. Libra cannot be bothered with Taurus stamping their feet and snorting with indignation. Libra knows there’s plenty more Bulls in the pasture and they can work a field as easy as all the rest of the places they work. Taurus does not like this—it is a deal breaker.
Neither of these two are roamers, which is a good thing, as both are quite possessive. They are sexually well-matched and share an almost obsessive view of what sex is supposed to be: Mind blowing, spiritual, hot, and hard. Problems may arise when Scorpio wants to bring new things into the relationship. Not new people, but a desire to experience different aspects—new positions, different toys, BDSM experimentation, gender play. Taurus likes to stick with what works already. If this plug wears out, we'll get another one—just like this one. Taurus believes that wanting new experiences is related to wanting new partners and doesn’t quite understand that Scorpio’s desire for a taste of something different isn’t a statement of not being satisfied with the status quo; why have one plug when you can have one in every shape and color available?
Taurus likes the Sagittarian style of honesty and directness, but the desire to control the Hunter is strong. Problem is that Sagittarius is not a routine kind of sign. We've discussed this here before; the only way you can tie Sag down is to actually bind and knot them which certainly blurs the boundaries of mutual rope-play and sex. That Sag leaps up and runs every time Taurus unties them is not the type of routine that Taurus is looking for. Even if physically, the action is superb Taurus just cannot stomach the upset and uncertainty of wondering where their Sagittarian lover has disappeared to now. Short term maybe—long term, no.
Both are very straightforward, and if Capricorn can exhibit restraint long enough to give Taurus the time to feel somewhat pursued, then it should be game on. Both like sex and lots of it—uncomplicated, no games, no-holds barred, mutually satisfying, honest to goodness, sweaty, howling, slap-my-ass fucking. And quite frankly, there is nothing wrong with that. Only stick in the mud is the sometimes score keeping that Capricorn engages in and this covers everything from bank accounts and balances to how many they’ve wooed, captured, bedded, and let go. This gets on a big Taurus nerve, the last one actually. Let me screw you one last time then I’m out. If they’re in a good mood they’ll tell you it’s the good bye bonk. If not, Capricorn will be left wondering where Taurus went. Weren’t they just there?
Just give up now. It'll be like catching bubbles. They look so pretty in the sun you want to catch one and look up close at the slippery patterns that shimmer across their delicate popped and it's not the kind of pop that makes you feel all warm and wet either. They will admire each other, briefly adore and worship each other, but without a lot of patience, eventually wave good bye to each other. The major problem is the penchant of Aquarius for playing games with our darling Bull’s heart and psyche and play with it they will; partly because they can and partly because they can’t help themselves. They’ll work Taurus into a lather of lust and desire then set off for an evening out with their girlfriends or head off with the boys for beer and football and this is so not good. Taurus might take this once, maybe even twice, and they might even go ahead and do you when you get home but if you’re going to chance this I hope you keep a secret bag packed and stashed somewhere to grab when they toss your butt out into the street…because they will and you’ll deserve it. Honestly, do you take candy from little kids in your spare time?
The stability of Taurus shores up the wobbly Fish. Taurus will devote themselves to emotional Pisces and in return receive the appreciation they need. Pisces can indeed tame the beast within and it’s a beautiful thing. Pisces is very sensuous and can gently take hold of that nose ring and lead the Bull down the path little by little. Before you know it they're wearing each other's underpants, the Scarlet Whore Red lipstick is on the big guy, and strap-on sex is the new routine; key word being routine because routine equals happiness to Taurus. These two are well aware that Taurus can overpower Pisces if they want to but on a level known only to them, they relate and respect each other’s limitations. They don’t need a safe word as such because they live in their own safe world. If you’ve never experienced the sweet haven of just the right amount of giving and taking that makes D&S or S&M close to perfect, then you need to take a page from their book because they know exactly how to do things right.