Virgos love cleanliness—share or give them a bath—nobody's too big to be undressed, soaped, and scrubbed in all the right places with a bath brush with a bit of a bristle to it. Or to have their ass powdered with the softest of puffs—but why limit things and stop there?

Virgo is most often associated with nurturing and overall grounded-ness. Who of us doesn't want to be fucked to death...I mean over a period of time, and with the utmost of care, so the only strength you have left would be used up falling into a restful coma? Then washed and soothed and held lovingly afterwards? Come on, everyone (even you whip-wielders) needs a little soft loving once in a while, and a Virgo partner, male or female, will fill the bill quite nicely.

For those born under this Sun Sign, neither love nor sex on its own is enough. There will be lots of introspection about the why and what and when of the whole procedure. You will find yourself involved in a process of elimination, whether they're picking you out of the car pool or the chat room. They will pamper and lavish attention on their chosen one, but don't think that getting to that level is going to be an easy walk. You're not actually taking a relationship compatibility test, but you will be undergoing a test period of sorts. At times you will have to measure up to whatever has gone on in the past. Even if your boots are just settling in under the bed, you may find yourself compared to whoever's boots were there previously. They also have an excellent memory for facts and dates so warning you now that lying to them is a bad bad idea. You’ll find yourself chewed and spit out before realizing you were even in the pot and cooked. If you say eight, then make it eight, not eight-thirty, not nine; be there at eight. If you can't make it, then say so. Virgo natives expect honesty, and in return will treat you better than you have ever dared hope for.

A Virgo native projects a cool and collected exterior, but inside, the furnace burns hotter than a sizzling summer sidewalk. Unless they tell you, which is unlikely, you will never truly know what is racing around inside their heads and through their hearts. One fabulous earth mother Virgo that I know blurted out that she was going to blow up if she didn't have sex that particular day. Right out of the blue, not even in the middle of a who's fucking who conversation...from shopping to sex just like that. She wasn't kidding about what she needed nor was there any doubt that she was going to get exactly what she wanted from someone, and get it soon.

The key to the door of the Virgo heart is to under whelm instead of overwhelm; do what you say; doesn't have to be more than, just absolutely not ever less than. When they say they don't want to talk about something, understand that they mean it. If you want to fuck her in the kitchen, just fix the countertop or change the washer in the tap. Do something practical. Cook something and have it ready when he comes home. Maybe old-fashioned, but it will be worth it when your legs are spread and you've become the dessert—and that goes for both of you—pass the whipped cream please.

Virgos love cleanliness—share or give them a bath—nobody's too big to be undressed, soaped, and scrubbed in all the right places with a bath brush with a bit of a bristle to it. Or to have their ass powdered with the softest of puffs—but why limit things and stop there? A special place of interest is the stomach but more so the skin in general. They like to experience the feeling of “something” playing or spraying against them. Seriously, do I have to spell this out for you?
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The Virgo Woman

Is the Virgo woman the true Celestial Mother? What exactly does that mean anyway? They like to lie down in the fields under the stars and make love? Or will they take care of you in every way that you need? Once you've tapped that fine ass... Have you ever watched someone tapping a keg? It's not as easy as it looks: you need the right size tap, the right size of mallet; positioning is everything, the force of the tap must be considered as you work it in just the right way -- anticipation, then reward. Our girl is much the same, she requires time, and you'd better make the effort, because she won't let you in until she's decided that you've done all the work required. Once you're in, you will need to keep working. Don't make the mistake of thinking here that it's going to be one-sided, because what you put in will come back to you ten-fold. She will not be less of a partner than she expects you to be for her. If you take her lead and add to it you will never go wrong or unsatisfied. She is a goddess, and you will worship at her feet, whether you have that particular fetish already or not, you'll be down there so often you'll probably develop it.

The Virgo Man

The Virgo man is much like his female counterpart, in that he appears much cooler and in control than he really is. He won't swoop in there like the last great lover, but that doesn't mean he's not capable of being one. His detached exterior hides a sensuous, sensitive, receptive interior; he's just a tad on the cautious side. He may be drawn to more vivacious and outgoing partners to counteract his own shy side, and because he takes so long choosing a partner, he may seem like he has unrealistic standards or is a trifle demanding. We've given other signs a break on this, so we'll just attribute this little flaw as a sign that he cares. When he does care, his loyalty will be unflagging. He will still be there in the morning, when others may have made a dash for freedom and left the clean-up to you. Very important to the more aggressive of you out there: this fellow is very trainable. He wants to please you, and if seeing him stretched all taut and tense and tied down on the spanking bench pleases you, chances are he will accommodate you -- as long as you show him that you appreciate that he's going that extra mile just to make you happy; paddle him with loving kindness.
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Virgo and Their Lovers

Virgo is initially intrigued by the brashness that is Aries. Because they are intrigued and perhaps bowled over with the Aries capacity for down and dirty sex, it takes Virgo a little while to realize that they're not walking a two way street here because Aries takes and rarely gives back which turns Virgo...let's just Aries penchant for wearing their loved one’s under clothes does not sit well. Doesn’t matter if it’s boxers or thongs, there are some things that turn Virgo…let’s just say…off.
Something here clicks immediately. They both recognize each other's self-containment and the need to control, and in fact will relish controlling each other. Taurus' strong passions continually ignite Virgo; what better than to be tied down then told not to come until the other person says you can? Is that what's going on behind their closed doors and drawn window blinds? You are not invited. Just leave them to it and we’ll all be fine. You know with their mutual attention to detail they will know you’ve been hiding in the shrubbery trying to peak in between the slats of the blind just to see what keeps these two so happy. Just leave them to it.
These two are mutually intellectual, but Virgo still thinks things through a bit too much. Gemini needs the freedom to move about the world -- not leave -- just move about. When they say "I'll call you right back," they mean it in a very Gemini kind of way (which translates as “at some point”) -- but Virgo wants to know exactly when, and then frets when things don’t play out exactly as they think things should. Which turns Gemini...let's just, seriously off...this time, off means off.
Virgo is somewhat comfortable with the Cancer tendency towards effusiveness, but would like the Crab to get a grip emotionally. This just makes the Cancer partner lose it even more; they don't try to force Virgo into anything, but they won't go away either. Virgo can be uncomfortable with open displays of affection, but in the dark of the movie theatre, who else really sees the cock-rubbing or nipple pinching that goes on? Cancer is a bit of an undercover lover who does like to participate in secretive fun and games. Virgo will insist on going straight home to finish the job and Cancer will have already started the car.
Leo would like Virgo to keep up sexually, and takes it personally if and when they don't. All Leo has to remember is that Virgo is happy to leave the starring role to them. They want to be paid attention to but not direct or play lead in the drama. So go ahead and bend over in that short-short skirt -- let everyone see if your thong matches the bra that's fighting to stop your beautiful tits from bursting out the top of your skin tight sweater. Virgo feels good about buying the outfit, and that they are there with you. How much you want to purr later on depends on how well you do at letting everyone else know who you came with, and who you're going home with. (Note the reference to going home again.)
Unlike some other same-sign partnerships, this one does have a real possibility of lasting for the long haul. If they can curb their natural tendency towards analyzing each other -- who came first and why, who didn't come and why, who’s come the most times since last Sunday and why, then they can be quite happy in their own realm. This could be quite possibly a perfect circle of two.
Libra is far too frivolous and shallow for Virgo. Libra is party headquarters; in or out of bed, and to them the phrase "doing the wild thing" is really doing that thing -- wildly. Virgo did not sign up for this, and Libra has neither the patience nor inclination to persuade them otherwise, especially when there are so many others out there who bring their own plugs and assorted paraphernalia with them. Libra can disappear physically and emotionally at times, making a mistake in thinking that Virgo will wait happily till they return. It will appear that way but Virgo can play away with the best of them if they are not kept happy and can use the excuse that they had no choice – their needs were not being met.
Scorpio is obsessive where Virgo is compulsive -- but neither is put off by these differences -- it's all in the interpretation after all. Scorpio wants sex now, and when they realize that Virgo is amenable to that if there is going to be some sort of experience, then Scorpio will provide that, pulling Virgo into the adventure of Scorpio sex. The loyalty and possession that comes with the adventure translate into security for Virgo. This works wonderfully for Scorpio, who absolutely adores anyone who trusts them enough to let them do anything they want -- even if it does hurt just a teensy weensy bit.
Sagittarius is too much of a free-spirit and soon leaves Virgo, and their life-is-hard-work persona, behind. Sag is deeply in the moment, deeply in you, but can't really say for sure when the next time is going to be. The Hunter will not take the time to pry beneath the Virgo cool exterior in search of the passions that always simmer below. Too bad for Sag, but they will have moved on before the real Virgo persona feels safe enough to come out to play.
When they’re finished not-trusting, not-believing, and not (pretend) wanting each other then they can relish each other's company, inspire each other, and work for the common good. In its most basic form this is the simple urge to please each other, but the trick is in getting either to open up, emotionally…and literally. These two can be as dirty as the next duo or trio or combination thereof, if they take the time to try -- don't they say that getting there is half the fun? It’s a marathon not a race and one worth running if they don’t use up all their energy fighting the feelings within.
Their mutual wackiness may keep them together, but it will be a tough go to stay together for any real length of time. Aquarius is too much of a free spirit, free thinker, free love kind of person for Virgo, who is truly happier as a one-at-a-time lover. They might have been fucking Bob last week and Sarah now, but one was gone before the other arrived. (Okay, that’s most of the time. On occasion when Virgo’s in a hurry there can be a wee bit of overlap.) Aquarius will happily have them all -- preferably at the same time. Virgo is not down with that.
Virgo stresses, while Pisces says "so what, it's a wet spot, move over." Virgo wants to change the sheets. Virgo could use a little loosening up, though, and if Pisces can keep their tendency towards over-emotionality under control, then there is a possibility it could work. Perhaps Pisces can ease Virgo out of the missionary position right over to doing the Missionary -- is there one close by? That might be asking too much, but it gives Pisces a goal to work towards, and they say you should always have a goal in mind. Hmm…Missionary Sex; The possibilities are gloriously exaltedly infinite.